A couple of weeks ago, the committee voted on the destination for the 2015/2016 Masters (qualifiers are held during 2015, but the event is held in 2016 … that’s why we use two years to avoid confusion). There were two bids, one from the West Coast region to hold the tournament in Las Vegas, and one from the Midwest region to hold the tournament in Chicago.

There was some good debate about the merits of each bid, as each was offering to run in conjunction with an existing regional tournament: the Las Vegas Open and Adepticon respectively. Ultimately, the bid from Las Vegas was chosen. Michael Hengl will be the tournament organizer. If you’ve heard the name before, that could be for one of the following reasons

  1. he was the West Coast chairman for the last two years
  2. he played at both Masters tournaments to date
  3. he runs the Quake City Rumble every year
  4. he plays Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie

OK, I may be confusing him with Ben Affleck on that last one, but the rest are all true! More details on the event will be posted here as they emerge.