Jerry Parsley, the primary driving force behind the US Masters for the past two years, is stepping down from his position as National Committee Lead effective June 1st. A call for candidates was sent out in early May, and now the voting has begun!

Who are the candidates?

1. James McFarland (Northeast)

I have a good deal of experience in organized play, I’ve run events (for a myriad of things) at Templecon, Gencon, etc. I competitively played Warmachine, Malifaux, Magic the Gathering, and most of the games workshop games, although I have not done a ton of fantasy GT’s. I love fantasy, and while I don’t talk on these forums much, I do read them frequently. I might be a good fit because I have a background in the law and frankly, I have ties to pretty much none of you. I don’t have any favorites to back, I’m basically Ross Perot (but with better ideas / smaller ears).
2. Erik Lodal (though I go by Grrn) (Mid-Atlantic)

I’ve been playing for about 4 years now, though my first large tournament was just under 2 years ago at the Bragging Rights Team Tournament. I’ve been to roughly five large tournaments a year since then, so I have a decent amount of experience at this point and I finished first overall in the Grail Quest GT this past November. I was one of two main tournament organizers for the FOWL GT held last March in Maryland and was the head rules judge at the event. I was also the head rules judge at the Masters this year in North Carolina.

I feel like the main things I would bring to the position are the ability to get along with a myriad of personalities and I like genuinely enjoy playing and discussing the game with people from all over. I very much want to see this tournament be something that most warhammer players in the United States aspire to play in.
3. John Bailey (South)

I created and ran the AlamoGT in San Antonio, Texas for 10 years, have run an Alamo 40K GT spinoff for 6 years, and even dabbled with an Alamo Warmachine spinoff one year. I’ve been a GT player for about 15 years, and have played fairly extensively outside my home region in that time, which is probably my favorite part of being a GT player. I’ve been South Chair the last two years, was a rules judge along with KBonn for Masters year 1, and took over gameday TO of Masters year 2 when circumstances required it, so everyone who has gone to Masters has gotten a pretty good look at who I am and what I’m about.

This year is an exciting transition year for Masters. We have two successful years under our collective belt thanks to everyone’s hard work and Jerry’s leadership, and now we look forward to Master’s first change of venue and a new edition at the same time. I didn’t originally plan to put my name in for Committee Lead, but helping guide Masters through what I think will be an amazing period of growth and development was too important to me not to put my name in.

4. Aidan Rogers (PNW)

I co-host the Dimensional Cascade podcast, and am the web host and administrator for the Seattle region WHFB forums. I also host and administer this forum and the Wood Elf forum. (Actually, if you see godswearhats anywhere on the web, virtually guaranteed it’s me). I authored Herald, an open-sourced browser-based app for WHFB battle reports (example report). I first picked up Warhammer in the UK in 1990, and have been in and out of the hobby a few times since then, including two years working for GW. I’ve always played Wood Elves and Skaven – I blame Advanced Heroquest for both.

I am the Tournament Organizer for the King of Cascadia tournament in Seattle, and I assist with the Sparkle Party Deathmatch tournaments here as well. In 2014, I was part of the Rules Committee for the Masters. I helped create the PNW region as a whole, working with Jerry and others to ensure that players in our area could have a chance to compete. I’ve served as the PNW regional representative since it’s inception, and managed all the rankings for both 2014 and 2015 seasons. I put together the PNW team for the 2014 Masters, and was very sad not to attend it due to a family emergency.

I had always intended to run for this position, but the End Times really hit my hobby mojo hard. However, this week it came back, and I’m starting a third army for the first time – Ogre Kingdoms! I’m pumped to see what this year brings for the hobby at large.

How do I vote?

The short answer is you don’t! Each of the regional representatives will vote on behalf of their region, and they will rank the four candidates 1-4. Get in touch with your rep if you have a strong opinion on who should head up the committee for the next two years!