The regional voting for which game system Masters will use for the upcoming season January 2016 through December 2016, culminating in the championship in February 2017 has closed. The decisive winner was Kings of War by a regional vote of 7-1, with the one vote against a very close one within their own region. Although I would have been happy to press forward with whatever game system the Regions came to a consensus on, I most glad that it was such an overwhelming vote for a single system. Keeping this national community of gamers united is good for everybody, providing choice and community for gamers, helping bolster attendance in a time of unprecedented transition for TO’s, it’s win-win all the way around.

Now that a system has been chosen, the Regions can start talking with their player bases about Regional methods of team selection, as that is decided by each Region internally within the bounds of the Charter. For some Regions like South, little will change about the selection process, but for some it may be a little different so I urge all players to get active in your regional subforums so you stay informed. Remember the names of your regional reps are stickied in this board, they are your first point of contact for questions about selection of regional teams.

Turning to Kings of War itself, while I would have thrown my whole heart and effort behind whatever system the Regions chose, there are some particular upsides to Kings of War and the game company behind it, Mantic Games. Mantic is a very accessible to its fans, and is very interested in and supportive of, a competitive scene for its games. Being openly embraced as competitive gamers by a game company is a great feeling. I have had some very positive conversations with Mantic about developing a mutually beneficial relationship between Masters and Mantic moving forward, and should have some really interesting announcements to make in the near future as we look ahead to Vegas. Now that Masters has officially voted, that process can go forward full speed.

The first of those announcements is that I will be running a small three game Kings of War event at Vegas 2016 on the Friday before Masters. Now that the vote is official, I can give Frontline the details so it can be added to the LVO list of events and will post them here. Mantic leadership will have a strong presence at LVO (and now at Masters), and so my thought was that a small event was a good way to look forward and get a small taste of what KoW might feel like on the Masters level as we all start to look ahead to the 2017 Championship weekend.

Spread the word far and wide folks, and keep an ear out, I will be on a few podcasts talking about this decision and what it means for Masters moving forward.

– John