South Qualifying Criteria Masters 2017-2018

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South Qualifying Criteria Masters 2017-2018

Postby CapAmr05 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:26 pm

Players from the South Region (living there for at least 1/2 the year or more, in a state that falls into the South region) must attend at least 2 qualified South KOW Grand Tournaments (Alamo, Bayou, Lonewolf, Shiloh, Capital Clash[#'s depending]). Each player will take their best 2 placings (overall placements divided by the fields) and averaged together to calculate their ratio.

Players may substitute 1 Out of Region KOW GT for one of their South performances (provided they attend atleast 2 South GTs, and the out of Region event was considered a part of that region's qualifying cycle) into their score, placed the exact same way (overall position divided by field). [[Example: If a person wins GT1 that has 100 players, he will score 100/100, and for his second GT2 takes 5th overall out of 100 players he will score 95/100. His averaged player ratio will be .975]]. Players wishing to use an out of region event must notify and provide a link to those results to Mark Cox to incorporate it into the South Scoring rubric.

The best 2 placing ratios will be added together and averaged to get a singular 1.00 or lower score and compared to the rest of the regional qualified players best averaged placing. From that we will take the highest scoring 8 players onto the South Team to Masters next year.

Once a South player accepts a bid to be on a Masters roster (either with the South Region or another region), they void any ability to go to a newly opened Player spot with the South region or another region (such as drops, etc).

This is a clause we haven't had to use before: If a South Player manages with win Masters, then they will lock a spot on the next years South team roster.

[#'s depending] - In Region Tournament must have at least 30+ participants present at the beginning of the Tournament, because of newness or because of shift in staffing.

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